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Just Out of Curiosity

Does anyone know who may be attending the July 08 classdate?

I am going to be there. I'm flying in from Chicago and only know that no one else is from Chicago or Illinois. I met one other person. :)

I would like to know more.
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This is from the gdf-talk list. (gdf-talk-subscribe@astral.net if you're interested; it's a good group)

There's a young woman in her twenties going from West Virginia and a man from Brooklyn, NY. And, of course, anglwings303 but that's all I got for ya. :-) Sorry I'm not much help. Do consider joining gdf-talk, as there could be others lurking on the list that haven't yet publicly stated that they're going in July.
Do I have to ask for a subscription? How do I get involved?
You just send a blank email to gdf-talk-subscribe@astral.net and then you will be contacted by a group moderator. As the group is private, and they only want people who have classdates, past grads, and puppywalkers on the list, the group moderator will ask you, via email, a few questions. Mainly, your name, if you've had a dog before, if you have a class date, etc. From there the Mod will contact Barrie in the Consumer Services department, she'll tell the mod that yes, in fact, you've been approved for the 7/7/08 class, and then you'll have posting access to the group.

Hope that helps. I will now just confirm with the web site that what I wrote to you was true. :)
OK, so I just launched out a whole mess of words about it. But, it is explained much more concisely (and prettily) at this link. You can also subscribe directly to the list from this link. (The step about the moderator still exists in this link, so it may take up to a day or so.) Here's the link with info about the list and subscription information. Should explain everything better than I did:


Hope to see you on the list! :-)