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Jacqueline Russell-Terrier

A message from Phyllis Herrington

Some of you may have received this already. Here's an e-mail that went out over the GDF-Talk list:

The following is a message from Phyllis Herrington. She is on leave, and
has asked the Foundation not to share her home phone number. She is also unable to receive e-mail. If you would like to send a message to Phyllis, please send it by U.S. mail, addressed to:

Phyllis Herrington
Care of Guide Dog Foundation
371 East Jericho Turnpike
Smithtown, New York 11787

Postal mail received for her by the Foundation will be delivered each day, and read by friends or family. Members of the Foundation?s staff have been very supportive of Phyllis, and are very sad about their friend and co-worker. While we would all like to call to say how much we care, or ask how Phyllis is doing, imagine the number of calls that can become. Instead of calling, please say a prayer, or send her a note.

Dear Graduates,
For almost a year and a half I have been battling stage four breast cancer.
They found it in my liver, brain and bones. Many of you are aware of this and
have expressed your well wishes and prayers. My faith and spirituality have me through these hard times. As I now close this chapter of my life, please don't mourn for me. Remember the fun times and conversations we've had. Although I have chosen to stop treatment, I am continuing my fight. God bless you all and thank you for being who you are.
Phyllis Herrington
Consumer Services

I bought one card for her and one for Fordham, and I'm going to send them out probably today or tomorrow. Phyllis is a light in the world, and I intend to tell her so. No sense saving that for when she's dead, right?
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